Canon 1Dx Test Shoot

Whilst I was shooting an Ad campaign in Cape Town, I thought it would be a great time to test out my new Canon 1DX. So off we went into the stunning mountains or Cape Town with a few athletes to try an simulate a normal shoot I would do and put the 1DX to the test. I was looking for great files, speed, focus and all the other normal nuts and bolts when it comes to cameras. My first reaction was ‘wow, this is fast’. Canon have clearly listened to us photographers and dedicate more processing power to drive the lenses. The camera is big, however it does feel great in the hand. The DR is even better than the 5D MK3 in my opinion. We deliberately shot just as the sun was coming up, really trying to push the sensor ISO which naturally produced amazingly clean files. I also wanted to test the tracking and focus which was so fast and focus was spot in, even at f1.8. It was this function that really did impress me most.

This was not any form of official camera test and nor am I sponsored or have any relationship with Canon. I am not that guy online who creates perfect camera and lens reviews. These are just my thoughts on the experience I had testing the 1DX.

To conclude, Canon have set out to produce a strong, fast and well built camera and they have achieved it. The focus on this camera is mind blowing! Is it work the £5000 price tag ?, well when we compare it with the market price of cameras, I think it holds up well. I now own 2 1DX bodies as well as 5DMK3’s and the 1DX’s far out weigh the the MK3’s.